Monkey Tailed Skink for sale



Monkey Tailed Skink for sale

Monkey Tailed Skink for sale Near Me, Prehensile tailed skinks social behavior makes keeping these in groups very rewarding.  In nature, though these animals can be defensive in captivity, they become very familiar with their caretakers.  Monkey Tailed skinks for sale are easy to handle and like to climb on you, once they’re comfortable with their owners.  Overall these animals make for one of the most interesting pet skinks.

Prehensile tailed skink for sale

Monkey tailed skinks for sale are some of the coolest pet reptiles on earth!  Solomon Island prehensile-tailed skink is a highly coveted reptile that has become quite scarce in captivity.  Nevertheless, the species has been commonly bred in captivity – it just takes a lot of patience, with very small amounts of babies born.  Monkey tailed skinks for sale are social creatures!  We have some amazing babiy, juveniles and young adult monkey tailed skink available.

Prehensile Tailed Skink for sale – supplements

Powdered supplements are a good way to introduce calcium to the diet, being kept indoors will warrant the use of D3. This can be sprinkled onto leaf matter or mixed into a powdered diet like Repashy Grassland Grazer. One calcium dose per week should keep growth healthy; as they do not grow fast at all (sometimes taking 5 years just to mature). The same schedule can be applied when using a multivitamin (once per week). With this species it is important to keep calcium and vitamin doses separate just to ensure the products do not delude during digestion. Placement of food can be regimented to a single area of the cage (dish or platform) or indiscriminately placed throughout the tank for enrichment (they WILL find it).

Monkey Tailed skinks are active

Prehensile tailed skinks are quite busy once established to their new home. Changing the décor around is an important form of enrichment. This can be done every few months and does not need to be strictly regimented I am a huge proprietor in this method, and its importance to stimulate the skink’s brain (which is kind of an uncommon concern for most reptile keeping). Enclosures should have a thick layer of bark bedding at the bottom to best suit the tropical climate you are trying to replicate.

Monkey Tailed Skink Heating and lighting:

Even though these skinks are equatorial, tropical, diurnal, arboreal, etc. – They can overheat easily when kept over 85F. 75-85F is the comfort zone during the day, and should not be allowed to drop below 60F at night. Depending on where you live, providing heat can be kept quite minimal. A basking area can be provided with the use of a ceramic heat emitter, or night time bulb to provide 24-hour heat. What is perhaps more important than heat is UVB. 5.0 UVB should be provided across the length of the cage. The light must be allowed to penetrate to at least the mid-levels of the tank. Sometimes the use of additional UVB fixtures/bulbs is required due to the dense décor provided in suitable habitat.

Monkey Tailed Skink for sale


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