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About Us

About Us

At Reptile Rapture we are reptile breeders and also a retail store like no other. Our goal is to offer the highest quality of reptiles for sale in the industry. We take great care of our animals while they are with us.

Our breeding stock and all of our reptiles for sale are provided with the proper heating, lighting, watering and feeding of food and supplements on a daily basis. No shortcuts allowed.

We carry a large variety of captive bred reptiles such as colubrids, boas, ball pythons, monitors, lizards, turtles, tortoises, amphibians and Invertebrates. We also carry everything you need to give your reptile a happy home. Caging, lighting, bedding, decorations, frozen rodents, live rodents, feeder worms, crickets and roaches are all available.

We have personally used, tested and approved most of the products that we carry. So we can give you first hand knowledge of how the product works. In addition a lot of our reptiles for sale are bred by us in our private onsite breeding facility. That’s where we breed a variety of our favorite reptiles.


We are licensed with Fed Ex to ship live animals overnight. Shipping is Mon-Thurs across the continental USA.

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