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Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Helpful customer service

My son ordered a lizard from Backwater, it was shipped quickly overnight shipping. Unfortunately, he passed away a week and an half after we received him. Even though it was a few days past the guarantee period, reptile srapture worked with us and gave him a full refund. They were quick to respond to my emails and super helpful.

Date of experience: April 14, 2023


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The babies arrived alive & healthy with…

The babies arrived alive & healthy with a heat pad & cryopak to keep them warm. Very active…my dogs are a little freaked out about these things moving around in the tank.Thanks for the safe delivery

Date of experience: April 04, 2023



Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Wow, my Southern Painted Turtle hatchlings are PERFECT!!

Wow, are my Southern Painted Turtle hatchlings perfect!??!! We are in love. It has been 4 days since they arrived. They got here when expected and were packaged with care. I was so shocked at how happy the turtles are. Now they are thriving in their new home. You can tell how wonderfully taken care of they were at birth. I appreciate Backwaterreptiles.com for keeping me updated through the shipping process. While I couldn’t reach someone over the phone, I did receive numerous emails regarding my order and experience. I highly recommend reptilesrapture.com

Date of experience: August 15, 2022


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

We ordered a sunkissed corn snake…

We ordered a sunkissed corn snake online after careful review of multiple reptile vendors. Reptiles rapture had a comprehensive list of FAQ’s that told us all we needed to know. It is very obvious from the beautiful healthy specimen we received that you care about your animals. You have made my daughter a very happy birthday girl. We look forward to doing more business with your excellent staff! Great job folks!

Date of experience: July 30, 2021


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have made multiple orders with…

I have made multiple orders with Reptilesrapture. Mostly feeder insects, always got well fed, live & hydrated bugs. So, I decided to order some leopard geckos. I got a beautiful mack snow and a chocolate albino, both arrived in a clearly labeled box, well packed and both geckos were perfectly healthy! Started eating & drinking that evening once they settled in. They even wrote me after I placed the order to tell me which day would be best to deliver on, because they checked the weather forecast. I will continue ordering from them in the future.



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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

We were extremely happy with our…

We were extremely happy with our purchase. The whites snowflake frog (named Willow) arrived happy and healthy! Willow even ate on the first day. Also Willows two sister and brother have taken well to her and all are thriving together. No fighting. We’ll definitely be back for our next purchase later on down the road. Thank you reptiles rapture

Date of experience: May 23, 2022


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

We just got our baby Creamsicle corn…

We just got our baby Creamsicle corn snake and are madly in love with her. Great coloring. Responsive when we moved her to her temporary tupperware home for monitoring until her 6’ custom curio cabinet refurb home is done. Customer service has been prompt in response and helpful with start up info. Thanks Reptiles rapture!

Date of experience: April 08, 2021


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Working with Backwater Reptiles was a wonderful experience!

Working with Reptiles rapture was a wonderful experience. Very attentive and helpful sales staff! They helped ensure I got exactly the tortoises I wanted. They arrived quickly, healthy, and adjusted the first day. This is the only place I will order my babies from! Thanks everyone.

Date of experience: August 15, 2022




Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I received my baby blue eye whites tree…

I received my baby blue eye whites tree frog today and, although I almost passed out when I saw how teeny tiny she is, I couldn’t have been more pleased or happier. I have 4 other juvenile Dumpies and when I purchased them as “babies” (from a different company) they were 5x bigger than this little one. She’s tiny! I’ve named her Moxie because right out of the box she was strutting herself about her quarantine enclosure, hunting and didn’t ever seem to mind that she’d just been jostled about for several hours or that I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Although her color was a little darker when she arrived from traveling even that already improving. I’m so in love with her I can barely stand it!

Date of experience: August 04, 2022


Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I received my little Hermann

I received my little Hermann, he is so cute. Within minutes of unpacking and holding him he began moving like crazy. He ate right away and just began roaming all over his enclosure. Thanks reptilesrapture for my new addition to my family he is cute.

Date of experience: August 02, 2022


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

We recently bought a blue tongue skink…

We recently bought a blue tongue skink from Reptile srapture. Other than a small snag in shipping, through no fault if theirs, we had an excellent experience. Our new addition arrived happy and healthy and is settling in very nicely.

Date of experience: March 31, 2021


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I Absolutely Love my new Pandinus…

I Absolutely Love my new Pandinus Viatoris, cave clawed scorpions. They are big bulky and full of energy upon arrival. Ate and drank within 30 minutes and then had a nap, they were all over after that. Arrived well packed and on time.
My experience was a Great one and will continue with reptiles rapture.

Date of experience: September 09, 2021


Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Ordered 2 baby red eared sliders

Ordered 2 baby red eared sliders, one of them already came with swollen eyes and I didn’t know much about, watched multiple YouTube videos and discovered that he had a shut eye problem, put vitamin a and did a carrot soak for him and nothing has worked so far I don’t believe he has much left in him and I don’t know what to do but just be by his side. I reached out to them and they have not answered me back. Would not recommend, better off finding you turtles in the wild.

Date of experience: April 12, 2021


Rated 5 out of 5 stars

CB mangrove monitor

Ordered a CB mangrove monitor Sunday evening. Received an email immediately saying it would ship Monday. Arrived Tuesday with a slight delay from UPS, no biggie. They responded to my emails quickly.

Animal was intact and appears very healthy and plump. Very active and alert. I guess I was lucky seeing all the sub par reviews. No complaints so far.

Date of experience: April 28, 2021

  • 5Samantha Y. 11 months ago
    This is hands down my favorite reptile shop of all time. I’ve visited many, I’ve worked with exotics for years, and this place is wonderful. Not only do they treat their animals with the best of everything, they rescue as well. I’ve never seen a reptile shop that cares as much as Reptile Rapture does. They’re educated and every critter there is loved. I highly recommend this shop. They also carry tarantulas now so of course I picked one up. A very healthy hardy sling.

  • 5Ryan F. 11 months ago
    They have an awesome selection of reptiles, frogs, feeder bugs, cages and supplies. Staff was very helpful and polite! Excellent experience purchasing “Milo” the bearded dragon. I highly reccomend them to anyone! Meeting “Bob” and the other criters was worth the visit alone.

  • 5Brian K. 1 year ago
    Couldn’t have been more satisfied with my purchase of 2 pairs of Dart frogs. New to the hobby but I was naturally weary ordering live amphibians online, sight unseen, during winter. The frogs were packaged beautifully and properly. Communication was great before and after my frogs arrived. Overnight shipping was spot on and tracking number was sent to me immediately after they were picked up by FedEx. I am so happy with the frogs. They are beautiful. Wish I had more tanks setup to order more. Maybe, down the road.

  • 5Katrina K. 1 year ago
    I always buy supplies from them for my beardie! This time I bought another little cutie, Styx the skink. Highly recommend the friendly and knowledgeable staff. It’s a great place. (Will be back to add more to the cage.)

  • 5Lindsay D. 8 months ago
    Also had great experiences with these guys. The other day I got over charged by accident and didn’t realize until I got home. They were great about it. They are always nice and the animals all look well kept and happy.

  • 5erin jackson (. 2 years ago
    Beyond happy and in love with my adult blue tongue skink I received from reptile rapture, he was shipped well and arrived in 12 hours despite being shipped across the country. He arrived healthy and was never aggressive towards us and settled in very fast he started eating the day after arriving and within a week was right at home with us. The staff at reptile rapture answered my dozens of questions before during and after the sale within a day and was always polite, friendly and helpful. Absolutely love my new scaled baby

  • 5Chaplin T. 5 months ago
    A real gem. All of the staff is knowledgeable and cares about the animals and customers. Some of the prettiest and healthiest reptiles around, and they have a lot of rescues that are clearly well cared for.

  • 5Kelly G. 6 months ago
    Had ordered some spiderlings from another online vendor. They were pretty tiny Caribena Versicolors. Decided to check out Reptile Rapture because they had them in stock and one of the three had deceased in a short time from the other vendor. Because of the size of my first tarantulas, I wanted something hardier or same species but much more established. Close to a juvenile. Went in person and wow were they much much larger and more established than the previous vendor. I did not hesitate in purchasing another C. Versi because the price was near the same through reptile rapture, the size was literally four times the size, the animals health seemed excellent and the employee I had questions for was extremely knowledgeable. They know their Tarantulas and actually have a very good selection of species and prices are on par or better for the size than ANY of the online breeders I have looked at. Ive browsed the most popular Tarantula vendors online and try to do my homework. I had wished I went to this place sooner, this is not your average exotics shop. This spider was so healthy and vibrant a cricket was taken down as soon as I got her home because they had thrown one in before I left. Probably because of age of the animal but she is so much more vibrant than the the two other remaining slings from the other vendor. Do yourself a favor if your looking at getting a Tarantula and your within 90 mins of this place. Don’t order online if you can avoid it, pay an extra forty dollars for shipping for a tiny fragile baby spider. Get something more established from reptile rapture for cheaper or same price. This T was basically a very well established Juvenile for a spiderling price. Animal is a good two inches DLS. Thank You

  • 4Matt C. 10 months ago
    Great reptile shop with full retail prices (as expected). Been going here for a long time. Feeder prices look like they just went up so posting here in case anyone wants to compare or prepare. I stick to frozen typically but need the occasional live.

  • 4Paulina G. 9 months ago
    I did indeed love this place a fair price for the animals though some aren’t ready for sale yet great place to get a reptile 🦎🐍☺️

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