Star Tortoise Baby




Looking for a star tortoise for has a fantastic selection of captive bred star tortoises for sale online, including Indian Star tortoises for sale, Sri Lankan Star tortoise for sale and Burmese star tortoises for sale online.  As Star tortoise breeders as well as being a Burmese star tortoise breeder we enjoy working with this fantastic species of star tortoise.  Shop with confidence that your new baby baby star tortoise for sale will arrive healthy and alert the very next morning after shipment from our facility to your doorstep!  Check out our beautiful baby Indian Star tortoise as well as our baby Burmee star tortoise.


Star tortoise for sale make up one of the most beautiful families of tortoises in all of the shelled kingdom! For thousands of years, locales have thought of the star tortoise to be one of the most beautiful creatures in the region.  Poaching, however, has diminished their numbers in the wild to levels already to be considered near extinct or extinct.  Star tortoises for sale get their name from the beautiful yellow to orange bands.  These bands are contrasted over their deep black shell.


Indian Star tortoises are both the most popular AND the smallest of the star tortoise species.  An average Indian Star tortoise will grow to about 9″.  Male Indian star tortoises will get no larger than 6″ with most in the 5.5″ range.  Female Indian Stars will grow 7-9″ and are noticeably both larger and heavier than males.

Here at reptilesrapture , we have a beautiful group of 6 males and 14 females that produce around 75 baby Indian Star tortoises per season.  For this reason, like most small tortoises, Indians are a bit on the expensive side running 5-650.00 per baby.  To view our current baby Indian Star tortoise stock, visit the link.

Star Tortoise Baby


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