Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink for sale



Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink for sale

Looking for the nicest Indonesian Halmahera blue tongue skink for sale online?  CB Reptile has some of the nicest baby halmahera blue tongue skinks for sale online.  Blue-tongued skinks are as a whole a friendly, intelligent bunch, as far as lizards go. They make great reptile pets.  They settle down quickly, are easily acclimated to captivity, and grow into approachable, submissive pet with proper handling and care.

Before purchasing y0ur new baby blue tongue skink for sale, or any baby skink for sale online, consider finding the right captive bred blue tongue skink breeder.  As blue tongue skink breeders, we are working with some of the top blue tongue lines in the USA.  Our captive bred baby blue tongue skinks for sale online all come with our full live arrival and 7day health guarantee.  With a biologist ON SITE, CbReptile.com is your source for the highest quality baby blue tongue skink for sale online you will find anywhere!  Order up to 4 animals and pay one flat rate shipping fee of 39.95!

Halmahera Blue Tongue SkinkCage Requirements

     Before bringing home your new blue tongue skink, having their habitat pre-set up will save both you and your skink a lot of headache. Blue tongues can live happily in either a rack system or a glass aquarium tank setup. Baby skinks can be started in 10-20 gallon glass tank or in a 12-28qt tub rack system. As they grow older, they will need to have a larger tank that suits their size a bit better. Juvenile and adult skinks should be kept in either a 40 gallon breeder glass aquarium or a 32-41qt rack system, the bigger the better with adults. It is generally best to keep blue tongue skinks separately except for breeding purposes. Whichever caging method you prefer, always remember to make it escape proof. A simple locking screen top on an aquarium will work perfectly.

Blue Tongue Skink UV Lights

The Halmahera Blue tongue skink is a cold-blooded reptile.  Cold blooded means the blue tongue skinks for sale need to rely on their environment to produce the correct temperatures. Providing a warm side and a cool side will allow the blue tongue to thermoregulate themselves by moving to whichever temperature they feel they need at the moment. A cooler side of the cage should be around75-80F and the hot side should have a hot spot of 92-99 Degrees.  Keep in mind that the temperature gradient can be achieved in a number of different ways. Also the most popular method with glass tanks would be an under tank heater like a heat mat or a heat lamp from above.  As blue tongue skink breeders, here at CB we keep our skinks with full spectrum UV.   Lastly, your UV should be on a 12 hour on/off cycle.  Keep in mind that there are many breeders that successfully keep and breed blue tongue skinks for sale them in rack systems without using any UV lighting.


Halmahera Blue Tongue Skink for sale


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