Before purchasing your new gargoyle gecko for sale, find a reputable captive-bred gargoyle gecko breeder and then get to set up your new Gargoyle gecko habitat!   Gargoyle Geckos get their name from the cranial bumps on their head that resemble horns or ears.  Gargoyle Geckos are unique looking reptiles with velvety soft skin. Related to the Crested Gecko, the Gargoyle Geckos have similar care requirements needing a minimum of a 20 gallon terrarium with plenty of plans and leaves to hide in, on, or around.

striped Gargoyle gecko Temperature

One of the many wonderful things about these geckos is that they do not require any special type of lighting such as UVB. It is up to you whether you to use it or not, as the gecko will not suffer if you do not. If you are choosing to use live plants in the enclosure, a UVB light will be necessary. They require temperatures ranging from 72‐78, usually room temperature. If the enclosure is not staying within that range at night, you can add a low wattage nighttime heat bulb (25‐40wt). They can handle drops into the mid‐60s at night, but staying above 70 is best. Temperatures over 80 will cause the animal to become stressed and possibly even death.

Gargoyle gecko Lifespan

Wondering how long does a gargoyle gecko live?  Gargoyle geckos are long-lived pet geckos for sale.  With proper care, habitat and diet, a baby Gargoyle gecko for sale can live up to 20 years!  As Gargoyle gecko breeders, we have some gargoyle that are now over 10 years old and still looks, acts and breed like they are young adults.  Here at CB Reptile, we believe that you are what you eat, therefore our gargoyles are fed a premium diet. Typically we are feeding Pangea gargoyle gecko food, as well as calcium and vitamin dusted crickets once weekly.