Striped African Fat Tailed Gecko for sale




Striped African Fat Tailed Gecko for sale

We have beautiful captive bred baby striped African Fat Tailed geckos for sale in a variety african fat tailed gecko morphs as well as a variety of ages/sizes.   Whether you are looking for a baby african fat tailed gecko for sale, or a juvenile or adults for sale, just select the size/age from the drop down menu

African Fat Tail Geckos

Fat Tail geckos for sale or African Fat Tail Geckos are some of the coolest and easy to handle and care for geckos for in the world.  AFTS are getting more and more popular now that breeders like us have discovered many different Fat-Tailed Gecko morphs and are breeding some spectacular colored animals including Amelanistic, Tangerine, Zulu, Whiteout, Oreo fat tailed gecko, Zulu Fat tailed gecko, Zero and more. If you are searching for a fat tail gecko for sale near me, consider an AFT!  A baby tat tail gecko is very similar to leopard geckos for sale in care and appearance.

Striped African Fat Tailed Gecko for sale


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