Pinstripe Crested gecko



Pinstripe Crested gecko for sale

Pinstripe: Just as the name suggests, these geckos have a prominent pinstripe going along their dorsal (head/back). The pinstripe will be either full or partial, depending on the stock. They come in a variety of colors and whatever is on hand at the moment is what will be sent. The photos are just examples and not the animal that will be received.

Possibly the best pet lizard in the world due to their friendly nature and being maybe the most easily handleable gecko for sale of all pet geckos for sale, the pinstripe crested gecko is as friendly and easy to care for as it gets.  Cresties, like gargoyle geckos primarily eat a powdered food mixed with water.  We feed Pangea Gecko diet to both our crested geckos for sale as well as our gargoyle geckos for sale.  Beings they do not “need” insects to eat, crested geckos do not require you purchase insects weekly as food.  Crested Geckos are found in a wide variety of colors also known as crested gecko color morphs.


Crested Geckos require low levels of UVB lighting for 10-12hours of the day, this should be between 2-7% UVB and 10-30%UVA, and example bulbs would be an arcadia 5% euro range bulb or a 7% ARC-POD. A low wattage heat bulb (40-50w) in either moonlight blue or infrared is the best heating option as it will raise the ambient air temperature in the enclosure to within the preferred range.  Find Crested Gecko Lighting here.


On a day to day basis we change the water in crested gecko enclosures so that it is fresh, and using a mister we will give a light spray of water around the enclosure either once or twice per day, we also spot clean any visible waste such as poo’s or uneaten food and provide with fresh food.


We recommend supplementing every insect feed by dusting the insects in Nutrobal (calcium and multivitamin supplement), you do not need to add any additional supplementation to the Repashy artificial diet. If you are using T5 High output UVB lighting, use calcium dust or another similar calcium supplement without vitamin d3 in it.

Pinstripe Crested gecko


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