Kwangtung river turtle



Kwangtung river turtles for sale

Kwangtung river turtles for sale, from our captive breeding turtle store. Available in the following sizes: hatchling, cb well started baby kwangtung river turtle as well as yearlings and juveniles.

Found only in Southern China and Northern Vietnam, this turtle is probably the best example of over collecting for the Chinese food market. A recent scientific expedition studying this species turned up only one male turtle, after several weeks of searching. Kwangtungs are virtually extinct in the wild; thankfully this species is bred by a few better breeders here in the US.

A highland species, Kwangtungs used to inhabit mountain streams, and juveniles greatly resemble their American counterparts – North American wood turtles . Gray to almost glossy black on top, they have brilliant orange to yellow belly patterns as hatchlings and juveniles – to help camouflage, these bright colors gradually fade as they become adults. Omnivorous, they take pellets, greens, worms, insects and fish. Kwangtung river turtles for sale

Given that this is a species on the verge of extinction, (and already extinct in the wild) Kwangtungs are a very important species for conservation minded keepers to work with. Only because of the hard work of some better American breeders that this rare species is available in extremely limited quantities.

Kwangtung river turtle


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