ULTRA RED Hypo Trans Bearded Dragon



ULTRA RED Hypo Trans Bearded Dragon For Sale

These Super Red Hypo Translucent Bearded Dragons are some of the brightest bearded dragons on the market. These Dragons are about 9-12″ in length. At this size they are well started and ready for their new home! Super Red x Translucent x Hypo genetics create some of the most fluorescent orange and red dragons available!

At this size these dragons will be eating 1/2″ crickets as well as 1/2″ dubia roaches, large mealworms and mixed greens. ULTRA RED Hypo Trans

Make sure to provide a good quality UVB lamp as well as a heat lamp that provides an ambient cage temperature in the hight 70s or 80s with a basking spot between 110 and 120 degrees.

Ultra Red Hypo Trans Bearded Dragons For Sale Near Me

ULTRA RED Hypo Trans Bearded Dragon


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