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Tangerine Super Giant Leopard gecko for sale

Tangerine Super Giant Leopard Geckos, while large at anywhere from 75-150 grams at maturity, are pretty chill pet reptiles.  The Super giants have some of the most relaxed and calm personalities in the reptile kingdom once they are used to being handled.  They’re perfect for beginners and extremely popular among long time reptile collectors alike.


 We have some gorgeous Tangerine super giant leopard geckos for sale At Reptiles rapture we have a biologist on site, and handle our baby tangerine super giant leopard gecko for sale inventory is handled early and often in order to ensure a friendly, calm and relaxed pet, and only work with top genetics to ensure we are improving the captive bred species as part of our efforts to provide the best possible pet geckos for sale in the world.

What do I feed my Tangerine Super Giant leopard gecko for sale?

It is important to learn what your new giant leopard gecko will eat.  Because raising a healthy leopard gecko is mostly based on what you’re feeding.  Most importantly, learn and understand proper baby super giant leopard gecko feeding requirements before purchasing your leopard geckos for sale.  Keeping in mind that the best insects to feed are mealworms or crickets.  Notwithstanding,  you can also treat your pet to waxworms or super worms once a week.  All insects must be first given a nutritious powdered diet for at least 12 hours before being fed to your leopard gecko. 

How often do you need to feed a leopard gecko?

Once your new leopard geckos for sale are purchased and arrive home, let them adjust.  Because they have just taken a trip, we recommend allowing for 2-3 days before feeding.  Mealworms should be provided in a shallow dish at all times.  Be sure to always dust all insects with proper vitamins and minerals. Lastly, crickets can be offered daily if you want to spoil your gecko. Crickets should be fed a minimum of twice a week. Always remember, when feeding crickets, only feed as many crickets as your pet gecko can eat in 15-20 minutes.


Tangerine Super Giant Leopard gecko


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