Lavender Bold Bandit Leopard geckos



Lavender Bold Bandit Leopard Geckos for sale 

The Lavender Bold bandit eopard gecko morph or jungle leopard gecko morph is one of the more sought after leopard gecko morphs for sale.  People either call them lavender bold leopard geckos for sale, or jungle lavender leopard geckos for sale, and sometimes call them lavender bold bandit leopard geckos.

Leopard geckos for sale make great pets!

Leopard Geckos have some of the most relaxed and calm personalities in the reptile kingdom once they are used to being handled.  They’re perfect for beginners and extremely popular among long time reptile collectors alike.

  • 100% Captive Bred baby leopard geckos – WE ONLY sell captive bred geckos for sale.
  • for sale.
  • Diet: currently feeding on baby crickets and calcium dusted meal worms
  • Mature size 6-7″ @ 18 Months old.
  • Easy to care for, makes great reptile pet for kids and adults.
  • Hardy & lives up to 30 years in captivity.
  • Handles well after acclimation but NEVER pick up a gecko by the tail.
  •  As this is a live animal, there will be slight aesthetic variations in colors

Buy from a gecko breeder you can trust!

At Reptile Rapture all of our reptiles for sale, including our geckos for sale are captive bred and NOT wild caught.  We have a Biologist ON SITE and offer a Live arrival and FULL 7 day health guarantee on ALL Of our animals.  Our guarantee extends to 30 days for all customers who purchase full habitat kits.  All of our orders ship via FedEx Overnight in heated or cooled, insulated containers (when needed) and leave our facility at 6:45PM and are on your doorstep the following morning before noon. One Shipping charge of $39.95 covers up to 5 reptiles for sale.

Bold Leopard Gecko for sale (Eublepharis macularius)


What do I feed my lavender bold leopard gecko for sale?

It is important to learn what your new leopard gecko will eat.  Because raising a healthy leopard gecko is mostly based on what you’re feeding.  Most importantly, learn and understand proper baby leopard gecko feeding requirements before purchasing your leopard geckos for sale.  Keeping in mind that the best insects to feed are mealworms or crickets.  Notwithstanding, you can also treat your pet to waxworms or super worms once a week.  All insects must be first given a nutritious powdered diet for at least 12 hours before being fed to your leopard gecko.


Lavender Bold Bandit Leopard geckos


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