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We have some gorgeous Albino leopard gecko for sale that are top quality in color and temperament.  Albino leopard geckos for sale are one of the more exotic leopard gecko morphs as they are super bright and colorful.

At  Reptile rapture, we have a biologist on site, and handle our geckos often in order to ensure a friendly, calm and relaxed pet, and only work with top genetics to ensure we are improving the captive-bred species as part of our efforts to provide the best possible pet geckos for sale in the world.  Albino Leopard gecko for sale online

We are also proud to be crested gecko breeders as well as gargoyle gecko breeders! Be sure to check out all of our leopard gecko for sale, as well as our baby leopard geckos for sale, crested gecko for sale, gargoyle gecko for sale as well as our panther chameleons for sale and iguanas for sale.  Lastly, CB has much more than just leopard geckos for sale and geckos for sale.  If you’re looking for other reptiles for sale like a baby tortoise for sale, or adult tortoises for sale check out our sister site, Tortoise Town!

Albino Leopard Gecko for sale 

Albino Leopard Geckos have some of the most relaxed and calm personalities in the reptile kingdom once they are used to being handled.  They’re perfect for beginners and extremely popular among long time reptile collectors alike. Albino Leopard gecko for sale online

  • Captive Bred baby geckos – WE ONLY sell captive bred geckos for sale.
  • Currently 5-15 grams / 3″-5″ in size
  • Diet: currently feeding on baby crickets and calcium dusted meal worms
  • Mature size 6-7″ @ 18 Months old.
    • Easy to care for, makes great reptile pet for kids and adults.
    • Hardy & lives up to 30 years in captivity.
    • Handles well after acclimation but NEVER pick up a gecko by the tail.
    •  As this is a live animal, there will be slight aesthetic variations in colors.
  • Albino Leopard Gecko habitat Requirement – Don’t finish shopping without them!
    • Housing: Enclosure of 20 gallon (30″ x 12″ x 13″H) up to 30 to 40 gallon (36″ x 18″ x 13″H). See our Leopard Gecko Care Sheet regarding housing more than one Leopard Gecko in a single enclosure.
    • Food: Main staple diet of crickets and/or mealworms are available at most all pet stores.
    • Water: Provide water 3 or 4 times a week in a large bowl – not so big that your gecko cannot easily get out of the bowl!
    • Heat: Heat mat and ceramic emitter to create a thermal gradient from warm side (88 Deg. F) to cool side (72 Deg. F).
    • See our Leopard Gecko Care Sheet for complete details.


Albino Leopard gecko for sale


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