Boa Constrictors For Sale


  • Boa imperator
  • Captive Bred At UGR
  • Approximately 15 Inches And 57 Grams And Growing
  • Adults Can Grow Up To 5 Feet
  • Feeding On Live Fuzzy Mice Weekly. Albino Motley Boa Constrictors


  • Beautiful Boas That Can Be Bred Into A Variety Of Different Colors
  • Found In Mexico, Central America And South America West Of The Andes Mountains Primarily In Colombia .  Pastel Albino Motley boa constrictor for sale
  • This Boa Prefers Sub-Tropical Conditions So Be Sure To Provide A Large Water Dish For Proper Humidity And Branches For Climbing
  • With Proper Care And Setup These Snakes Can Live 20 – 25+ Years In Captivity. Albino Motley Boa Constrictors
Pastel Albino Motley

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